2022 NACS – Request for Proposals (RFP)

Feb 10, 2022

CEC is excited to announce that the North American Cup Series (NACS) will return in 2022! While we discuss the details with USA Climbing, we are looking for host partners to build on last year’s success, and make this year’s events bigger and better!

Canada is aiming to host one event per discipline, either individually or combined (ex lead and speed at the same place/time), between June and September 2022.

Interested climbing facilities can put forward a Hosting Proposal. Candidates must prepare a presentation letter, that will include the following information:

  • Preferred weekend(s) between June and September (please provide a minimum of 3 options)
  • Preferred discipline(s)
  • Capacity: # of athletes, # of spectators
  • Floor plan of the facility
  • Technical details, such as facility square footing, wall dimension/heights/angles, holds/volumes inventory, multiple iso capacity, warm up area, etc.
  • Lead contact information
  • Experience in hosting previous events of this magnitude
  • Event support add on – if any (ex: volunteer capacity, cash prizes, local sponsor, local grants available, etc)

All proposals must be sent by email to ed@climbingcanada.ca, and received by February 27, 2022.

Questions or comments should be directed to Christiane Marceau, Executive Director of Climbing Escalade Canada, at ed@climbingcanada.ca.

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